back to bed

by the Jesus Herb

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Ro Halfhide - drums, recorder, backing vocals
Marcus Bruystens - bass
M-JO - vocals, guitars, sitars, saxes, keytars, tambourines and bells

Produced and mastered by Ro Halfhide and M-JO 2013
engineered by the Jesus Herb
Backing vocal crew on 'I'm Sorry': Chinup the band (Harmen Kuiper, Jarry Porsius, Maarten de Mink)
Recorded at Ysbrand studios 2012/2013 Amsterdam


released October 31, 2013



all rights reserved


M-JO Amsterdam, Netherlands


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Track Name: D.M.I.C.
don’t make it complicated
don’t make it strange
don’t make it complicated
now dont be deranged

you try to be so special
you try to win
but we’re all losers baby
we lose if we win

don’t make it complicated
be like a log
and watch your feelins baby
before you talk

don’t make it complicated
its only yourself
i got my eyes on you baby
i lost it myself

did i tell you bout the island of jewels?
they say that it’s far
have you heard about the island of jewels?
how lucky you are

some people want to be so special
they wanna have friends
but in the end all that matters
is: you are your best friend
so give yourself a hand
and do as you planned, meaning:

dont make it complicated
its just about you
and how youre feelin baby
so what more can you do?
Track Name: Don't wanna quit
come take it
you can’t pick on me
and see that you want to be
here with me

i told you
a thousand times
i’ve seen you
seen you cry

but if you want to touch me
deep inside
don’t try, dont cry

you say i don’t wash up
you say i don’t clean up
you say i don’t thank you
you say i don’t look
you say i don’t do the shopping
to the grocery store

but i bought the bread today
tell me if you want me to stay

a life without you is unwanted
i'm talkin you out of it
a life without you is unthinkable now

and i don’t
i don’t wanna quit
no i don’t wanna quit
just a bit
Track Name: Always when i'm sick
Always when i’m sick I’m feelin better
When i’m feelin OK it’s not the weather
Always when i’m sick i’m feelin better in my mind
In my mind

Always when i’m straight I don’t know what it’s like
To be on the bars, talkin every night
Always when i’m slick I don’t know what it’s like to be trashy

Since you told me about this love of yours
Since you told me you like it even more

Always when i’m strange I’m feelin like cryin
But i never cry at least that’s what she said tonight
Even if the stones weren’t around i’d feel blue

You have got a name i can’t remember
You have got a way of keepin things together
You seem light and i seem heavy
That’s how it goes

That’s just how it goes
Track Name: Millions
today is ending just the way it started, it all feels the same
the whole day could have lasted just a second, now i’m back to bed
and i just don’t care if i’m dreamin or if this is reality

i tried to go and meditate but i got stranded on the way
the traffic light just stayed on red, lines of cars from everywhere
the sky was very high and the clock ran backwards
i got sick of it

and in the meantime i made millions
i did a lot of work; i’m feelin just the same
Track Name: I'm sorry
I’m sorry that i didn’t treat you right
It started with me goin out every night
I’m sorry that i didn’t treat you right
I should have tried to treat you better last time

I don’t know where i’m headin in this life
That’s why the hindu belief suits me right
Next time i will try to be there for you
I know, i’m feelin stupid but what can i do

Oh baby
Don’t say we’re through
Oh baby
I still believe in me and you

I’m sorry that i couldn’t find my home
I’m sorry but the keys were all alone
I don’t know if i just can come back to you
I bought flowers, that’s the least that i can do

That i can do
Track Name: Marble maze
Don’t get lost in the marble maze
Just stay out and find your way
Don’t get lost in the marble maze
I got lost there too

Once you’re there in the marble maze
No one points you out the way
It’s you and life, your whole fate
is lying in your hand

They say: “I never see you cry”
I said “You should have seen me
The first five years of my life
All i did was cry”

Don’t get lost in the marble maze
Strugglin for new shoes
When served to you on a golden plate
What are you gonna do?

Don’t get lost in the marble maze
Where i lost myself
Don’t get lost in the marble maze
You might find yourself
Track Name: Leonie
Soms dan lijkt het alsof ik je ogen zie

Je hebt een hart van goud en zeker niet misschien

Ik was vijftien, jij een vrouw
Schudde mijn vader de peuken uit zijn mouw
Ik wou hem blij zien en niet in rook
Kan mij dat worden verweten?

Ik was een puber en vond je stom
Je bent de enige bij wie ik dat ooit kon
Nu sta je voor me, hier in mijn hart
Zou je het kunnen vergeven?
Track Name: lying there
Lying there like a soldier on the street
In the living room
With your headphones on maximum volume
Next to you cans of beer
You seen it all before, you’re out of here
But then comes the day
the day is drawing near

I don’t worry about you
Cause you’re my friend
But sometimes i get the feelin:
Where is it all headin at?
But that’s just projecting
To not be concerned with myself

So i say:
Never ever wonder if other people are doing fine
It’s no use; everybody’s got their time
If you’re thinkin about puttin me down
I don’t have to talk to you

But it’s so hard to accept
That all you can do is make a tea for someone else
Or maybe coffee if the person doesn’t like tea
Track Name: Angels
Listen baby can’t you see
I’m in love if you love me
Got no picture in my mind
Why should i believe in time?

I guess the angels don’t notice
I lost my mind on lotus
I’m hopelessly devoted
But there’s no way to show this

Listen baby don’t you know
There is nothing to be shown
Look around and all you see
Seems to naturally appear

There is nothing left to say
Pickin flowers every day
Lookin at the bullets fly
Meditate with open eyes

Little suitcase full of lies
Slowly burnin my disguise
When you come back from the dead
Will you bring me happiness?
Track Name: Leonie (friends abroad edit)
Every now and then it’s you i seem to see
You’ve got a heart of gold and i don’t mean maybe

I was fifteen, you were old
Stole my father’s ciggies from his coat
I’d seen him happy and not in smoke
How could anybody blame me?

I was a youngster, thought you were dumb
You are the only one I deliberately let down
Now you’re before me, here in my heart
Can i ask you to forgive me?